Non sports-related benefits

You don't have to be a top class athlete to feel the benefits of sports massage.

In many ways, the modern day working environment can have a very negative effect on muscles and posture. The human body was not designed to sit behind the wheel of a car or at a desk for hours on end - this can be as tough on the body as being on your feet all day.

Sitting down for prolonged periods can lead to adaptive shortening of certain muscle groups, often causing weakness in the opposing muscles and resulting in postural imbalances. These changes in posture can happen over a period of time and often the individual will be unaware of these changes taking place.

These changes can result in chronic tension and in many cases people put their ailments down to age or stress.

Other conditions such as tennis elbow can occur when the person has never picked up a racquet in their lives but they have spent a long weekend weeding the garden.

Sports massage/remedial therapy as an injury preventative, is the human equivalent of servicing your car, you wouldn't expect to keep a car running without having routine maintenance from time to time, why should your body be any different?.

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